1-7 Waterfront Place – Update Reply

Council has received a request from Waterfront Place Pty Ltd seeking consent to approve a development of three residential buildings of 5, 10 and 19 storeys at 1-7 Waterfront Place, Port Melbourne which is part of the Beacon Cove Estate developed by Mirvac Victoria Pty Ltd. Restrictive covenants affect this land and Mirvac is the “owner” of them. Waterfront Place Pty Ltd lodged action with the Supreme Court on 18 July 2012 to have these covenants discharged (removed).

The site is located in a Comprehensive Development Zone (CDZ1). The main purpose of the CDZ1 is to ensure the orderly staging of subdivision, construction and development of land in the Beacon Cove Estate. The CDZ1 does this by requiring all buildings and works be in accordance with The Beacon Cove Concept Plan and the Beacon Cove Precinct Plan. The Precinct Plan references a 3 storey height on the land at 1-7 Waterfront Place but this is not a mandatory requirement.

The current planning controls allow an applicant to submit to Council a request for its consent to vary from the approved Plans for the estate, rather than a go through a standard planning permit application process. A request for consent is exempt from standard planning procedures, and as a result there are no formal public notification or appeal rights for residents.

The City of Port Phillip is committed to hearing the views of the community prior to making a decision on the proposal and we are currently inviting community submissions .

The City of Port Phillip is committed to planning for a high quality, liveable and sustainable city and that is why we are developing a Port Melbourne Urban Design Framework to guide planning decisions for the precinct, in consultation with the community and key stakeholders. This is clearly a site of great interest to our community and Council will be doing all we can to keep our community informed and to give them the opportunity to have their say. Council has 30 days to make a decision on the request for consent and we are inviting the community to lodge submissions by Friday 21 December 2012.

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