Congratulations to the Wayside Inn Reply

2012 Winner of the 3AW Pub of the Year award. It joins a great list of pubs.
Previous winners:

Year Pub(s) Suburbs

2011 Lincoln Hotel Carlton
2010 Terminus Hotel Clifton Hill
2009 Grand Hotel – Richmond
2008 Station Hotel Footscray
Carringbush Hotel Abbotsford
2007 Bouzy Rouge Richmond
2006 The Albion Port Melbourne
2005 Metropolitan Hotel North Melbourne
The Brandon Hotel Carlton
2004 The Beach Hotel Albert Park
2003 Court House Hotel North Melbourne
2002 London Tavern Richmond
2001 Doyle’s/Vine Mentone/Abbotsford
2000 Royal Park North Melbourne
1999 Emerald* Sth Melbourne
1998 Clare Castle/O’Connell’s Carlton/South Melbourne
1997 Spencer West Melbourne
1996 All Nations Richmond

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