Sport and Recreation Strategy 1

sports and recThe City of Port Phillip is developing a Sport and Recreation Strategy to guide the planning and delivery of sport and recreation activities and services over the next ten years.

Council is currently undertaking consultation with the community to inform a draft Sport and Recreation Strategy.

Feedback from the community seeks to identify:
• participation levels and recreation and physical activity needs of the local community
• Council’s decision-making role in supporting recreational activities
• barriers to participation in sport and how Council can assist in reducing these
• opportunities to provide greater support to sports groups and sporting facilities
• opportunities to strengthen relationships with sport providers
• use of sport and recreation facilities and resources across the city.

One comment

  1. Well done on this initiative PPC! My Wishlist is as follows:

    I would like to see more free activities for older children (8+) around Port Melbourne. My suggestions are a tennis wall and/or free tennis court use for children at certain times. A better skate ramp in a visible spot (as opposed to under the graham st bridge), a cricket pitch and a public ‘leisure pool’ in which children can play (MSAC Facilities are overpriced and really geared more towards lap swimmers/ professionals).

    I would love to see ‘free play zones’ at certain times in certain streets. For example we recently had a street party for Clark St Port Melbourne in which Frangipani Close was blocked from traffic for an afternoon. The children had great ‘old fashioned’ fun- riding around on bikes, playing tennis etc etc. it would be wonderful to be able to do this on a more regular, permanent basis ( for example certain suitable streets can be blocked off from 3.45-5pm on certain weekdays for local children to be able to play safely and freely. Clark st is ideal as most houses have rear lane access. There may be detractors but, as with everything, it’s a matter of forming new habits. Residents will adapt to these types of changes.

    Kind Regards,


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