City of Voices – Double Decker Bus tour – 3 Town Halls Reply




94Tonight I had the opportunity to tour with the audience and visit three locations with the City of Voices group. Extraordinary performance. A bit of History back in time at the Port Melbourne Town Hall, A bit of Community at the South Melbourne Town Hall and a glimpse to the future markets at St Kilda Town Hall. I took these photos of the artists/actors that were being projected into the giant trees.

Port Melbourne – The Garden Party this Saturday Reply

garden partyThis carnival is an outdoor community event held at the Port Melbourne Neighbourhood House. It has been held for the last six years and it aims to bring the Port Melbourne community together. The Port Melbourne Neighbourhood House received $10,000 from the Local Festivals Fund for this event.
The event includes local musicians playing live and a number of free activities, including jumping castles, animal nursery, face painting and a parade. A highlight of the Community Carnival will be a series of creative workshops and a parade/display of the work created. The focus will be on community art principles, accessibility and art focused on themes of local community.
These workshops are facilitated by local artists and community/cultural organisations. This year the main event will be a Flower Pot Parade: with workshops facilitated by well-known local artist Elizabeth Milsom. The parade will involve themes for children and ‘the Port Melbourne ‘flower pot’ where participants create their vision of their neighbourhood.

Ride2School Day is set to roll in Port Melbourne Reply

Council is working with 10 participating schools for the annual National Ride2School Day on Friday 22 March 2013. Council promoted this event to all schools and is assisting schools that return travel data with:-
 An event grant up to $200
 A children’s bicycle
 Two Bike Ed Instructor training spots for teachers
 Council staff support on the day

National Ride2School Day is one of five term based events that are supported as part of Council’s School Travel Program. The event is a behaviour change initiative that reduces the number of cars at the school gate and kick starts healthy habits for students and parents to ride, scoot, skate or walk to school throughout the year.
Last year in 2012, Ride2School Day across the municipality saw 1750 students participate in green and active travel which attributed to a 25% difference between a normal school day and Ride2School Day. These figures show that average car use for home to school journeys reduced from the normal 48% to 23% on the day itself. The collection of travel data involves active participation by students and it monitored through Community Pulse as an indicator of a happier, healthier and connected community.

Bay Street Structure Plan, Port Melbourne Reply

This structure plan is an integrated framework for guiding change and development through planning controls. It also provide a framework for delivering public realm improvements, traffic management, and provision of community services.

The Bay Street activity centre has already experienced transformational change over the last two decades though renewal of the mixed use area at the southern end of Bay Street. The size and demographic profile of the local community has also changed over recent years as significant redevelopment has occurred.

The focus of the draft Structure Plan is on improving the integration of key elements of the centre (streetscapes, movement networks, land use clusters) and reinforcing the essential character of the place, rather than identifying further opportunity for substantial change.

Click to access Report_2_-_Bay_Street_Structure_Plan.pdf

Click to access Report_2_-_Attach_1_-_Draft_Structure_Plan.pdf

Click to access Report_2_-_Attach_2_-_Precints_and_Projects.pdf

Click to access Report_2_-_Attach_3_-_Draft_Explanatory_Report_Bay_Street_Structure_Plan.pdf

Click to access Report_2_-_Attach_4_-_Rezoning_Map.pdf

Please use this time during its draft release to make any suggestions or comments.

New swim safety signage to save lives at Sandridge Beach Reply

beach signsCouncil has now installed over a dozen permanent swim safety signs at Sandridge to warn of aquatic drowning risks and save lives.

New Swim safety signage installed at Sandridge and rock groyne which was the site of the drowning of an 8 year old.

The new swim safety signage has been placed at each beach entrance on Council land between Sandridge Life Saving Club and Princes Pier. The permanent signs include specific swim safety warnings addressing the in-water risks at each location. The signage also provide beach users with advice on the Parks Victoria boating and swimming only zones, Emergency Services Marker coding, EPA water quality and ‘beach report’ guidance, as well as relevant Council local law regulations.

Since 2000, the Coroner has reported over two dozen drowning deaths adjoining City of Port Phillip land with the most recent drowning at St Kilda this year. Council was requested to respond to a finding in 2012 recommending appropriate warning signage at all beaches in Port Phillip municipality. Please refer to link

Click to access responsecity+of+port+phillip_nguyen.pdf

Defensive bike riding: theory and practical course Reply

The City of Port Phillip is running a Defensive bike riding course for residents on Sunday 17 March from 8:30am to 4:30pm at the Peanut Farm Reserve Pavilion. Bike riding is an efficient, practical option with many health and cost benefits but riding a bike is a skilled activity that’s more than just balancing, pedalling and steering. The course will teach participants tactical and control skills to prevent conflicts or crashes when negotiating with traffic. Participants will also increase their rider knowledge and understanding of road rules, along with learning how to recognise hazards and how to choose the most appropriate route.

Port Melbourne Bikefest on Bay Street Reply

A celebration for all types of bike riders in Port Melbourne

The inaugural Port Melbourne Bikefest (Bikefest) will take place on Bay St, Port Melbourne with the street closed to traffic from Beach to Bridge streets to transform into a bicycle hub on Sunday 3 March from 10am to 10pm. It will feature something for all kinds of bike rider: young and old, new and experienced, the curious and the committed. Bikefest is being delivered by the Port Melbourne Business Association and supported by council with funding for traffic management and bike valet parking as well as in-kind staff support.

Expected to attract up to 5000 people and involving local community groups and traders, bookended by Crossy’s Ride and Crossy’s Gig, Bikefest is the first of its kind for City of Port Phillip and helps to realise one of council’s goals to create a bike riding culture within our city outlined in its Bike Plan.

On the day council staff will be roving around at the event speaking with people about journey planning by bike, walking or public transport, promoting upcoming bike events and courses and the ‘look out for riders’ message all whilst wearing ‘No Cuts, No Butts’ t-shirts. As council staff rove through the Bikefest area they will ring bike bells to get everyone’s attention to promote the use of bells when passing pedestrians.
The program of events can be accessed here:

Some other upcoming council bike events

Tue 12 March, 9.45am – 2.45pm Elwood.
Fix a flat – bike maintenance

Sun 21 April, 10am – 1pm South Melbourne.
Ride2School Day

Fri 22 March.
Defensive Riding Course
Kids Who Ride Go Further
The Jewish Ecological Coalition (JECO) bike skills course

Sun 24 March, 9am – 1pm St Kilda
Sun 17 March, 8.30am – 4.30pm St Kilda.

Bike Ed training grant
Thu & Fri 30/31 May 9- 4pm Elwood

Lighting the way in Port Melbourne Reply

Under the Graham Street Bridge.  Changing colours depending on the season

Under the Graham Street Bridge. Changing colours depending on the season

Turville Reserve received feature lighting under Graham street bridge to improve sense of place and ensure community safety along key pedestrian routes.

The feature lighting compliments safety lighting along pathways and was programmed on 25 February to change with the seasons. The lights will be blue and aqua in winter, green/yellow in spring, green in summer and orange in autumn.

A Public Safety Infrastructure Grant application has recently been submitted with the State Government seeking up to 250K for public lighting on a dollar for dollar basis in order to continue lighting along the light rail shared path. The grant aims to improve access to public places and reduce crime and antisocial behaviour.