New swim safety signage to save lives at Sandridge Beach Reply

beach signsCouncil has now installed over a dozen permanent swim safety signs at Sandridge to warn of aquatic drowning risks and save lives.

New Swim safety signage installed at Sandridge and rock groyne which was the site of the drowning of an 8 year old.

The new swim safety signage has been placed at each beach entrance on Council land between Sandridge Life Saving Club and Princes Pier. The permanent signs include specific swim safety warnings addressing the in-water risks at each location. The signage also provide beach users with advice on the Parks Victoria boating and swimming only zones, Emergency Services Marker coding, EPA water quality and ‘beach report’ guidance, as well as relevant Council local law regulations.

Since 2000, the Coroner has reported over two dozen drowning deaths adjoining City of Port Phillip land with the most recent drowning at St Kilda this year. Council was requested to respond to a finding in 2012 recommending appropriate warning signage at all beaches in Port Phillip municipality. Please refer to link

Click to access responsecity+of+port+phillip_nguyen.pdf

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