Bay Street Structure Plan, Port Melbourne Reply

This structure plan is an integrated framework for guiding change and development through planning controls. It also provide a framework for delivering public realm improvements, traffic management, and provision of community services.

The Bay Street activity centre has already experienced transformational change over the last two decades though renewal of the mixed use area at the southern end of Bay Street. The size and demographic profile of the local community has also changed over recent years as significant redevelopment has occurred.

The focus of the draft Structure Plan is on improving the integration of key elements of the centre (streetscapes, movement networks, land use clusters) and reinforcing the essential character of the place, rather than identifying further opportunity for substantial change.

Click to access Report_2_-_Bay_Street_Structure_Plan.pdf

Click to access Report_2_-_Attach_1_-_Draft_Structure_Plan.pdf

Click to access Report_2_-_Attach_2_-_Precints_and_Projects.pdf

Click to access Report_2_-_Attach_3_-_Draft_Explanatory_Report_Bay_Street_Structure_Plan.pdf

Click to access Report_2_-_Attach_4_-_Rezoning_Map.pdf

Please use this time during its draft release to make any suggestions or comments.

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