Ride2School Day is set to roll in Port Melbourne Reply

Council is working with 10 participating schools for the annual National Ride2School Day on Friday 22 March 2013. Council promoted this event to all schools and is assisting schools that return travel data with:-
 An event grant up to $200
 A children’s bicycle
 Two Bike Ed Instructor training spots for teachers
 Council staff support on the day

National Ride2School Day is one of five term based events that are supported as part of Council’s School Travel Program. The event is a behaviour change initiative that reduces the number of cars at the school gate and kick starts healthy habits for students and parents to ride, scoot, skate or walk to school throughout the year.
Last year in 2012, Ride2School Day across the municipality saw 1750 students participate in green and active travel which attributed to a 25% difference between a normal school day and Ride2School Day. These figures show that average car use for home to school journeys reduced from the normal 48% to 23% on the day itself. The collection of travel data involves active participation by students and it monitored through Community Pulse as an indicator of a happier, healthier and connected community.

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