Diesel leakage in Rosney St drain and Williamstown Road in Port Melbourne Reply

Melbourne Water Bulletin
For Information purposes only in relation to what Melbourne Water are doing. This is their bulletin for community information

Following community concerns we received and subsequent investigations, we have determined there is diesel leaking into the drainage system around Williamstown Road.
From Thursday 16 May, we are commencing the clean-up process to protect both our drains and the bay from this pollutant.

What does it involve?
We will use an educator truck going from manhole to manhole to suck out the contaminated water and silt. Once we are satisfied that we have sucked out all the diesel we will need to jet wash the drain – essentially a steam clean to get rid of any residue.
We will have the drain isolated at the Boulevard Park to minimise the risk of any contaminated water heading out into the bay while we are cleaning.

Impacts and working hours
We will have in place a comprehensive site environmental and safety plan to minimise impact to the community and the environment. While the works are being undertaken there will be an increase in diesel odour.
There will be traffic management onsite as we work along the drain. The crews will work between 7.30am and 5pm Monday to Friday. During this time there will be an increase in noise as the educator trucks work like a large vacuum cleaner. These works will have no impact on drinking water.

What if it rains?

If there is a rain event, we will stop work as it is not safe to be in the drain. We will as best as possible try to contain the pollutants from entering the bay.

Working in collaboration?
Melbourne Water is working closely with City of Port Phillip and the EPA to determine the extent of the contamination and the source. Our first and foremost priority is to protect the environment.
Please contact EPA on 1300 372 842 for more information about the contamination source investigation and City of Port Phillip on 9209 6777 for more information on its street drainage.
For more information about this project or for general information on projects to enhance life and liveability

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