A visit to South Port Day links – I’m sure you have seen the cars… Reply

SPDL has recently celebrated its 25 years in business.  Image This year they have helped to improve the lives of around 400 residents and provided approx 1100 trips providing door-to-door transport services to help people access medical help, shopping or recreational activities.

Today, I decided to see how it all works and went for a drive with Volunteer driver ‘Rosemary’. It was a lovely experience to visit some residents and accompany them to their appointment.  Along the short journey, I was intrigued to hear all about their lives and how ageing and its associated issues, isolates people.

The delightful Mary and the new General Manager, Rob Menzies spent time with me to explain how all their systems and processes work.  Without their volunteer network and their grant from the State Gov’t and the City Of Port Phillip they would not be providing such a wonderful service to the residents of Port Melbourne, South Melbourne and Albert Park.

SPDL has 3 cars and is currently fundraising for a 4th car. These cars are fully booked each day with numerous volunteer drivers and residents requiring to be taken to places.

As well as the Daylinks community transport program, SPDL also has a Petlinks program which supports the frail and elderly keep their pets at home.

GardenMates and Walkmates are two further programs, again linking volunteers to residents that need assistance and connections.


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