New Residential Zones – what does it mean for you in Port Phillip? Reply

res zones
This is the new website for the New Residential Zones – please follow this link

The website contains:

· Links to the interactive map (including a “mobile friendly” version) – This enables owners to directly access information about their individual property

· A copy of the New Residential Zones Brochure

· Individual pages on each of the 3 new zones – detailing the purpose and requirements of each zone (including Zone Fact Sheets to download)

· Details of the Housing Policy that has guided the application of the new zones

· Instructions for how to a comment on the new zones via an online comments form (or via email or post)

· Additional background information

· Details of the dates/times of the 4 drop-in sessions

Information is also on display at each of the Town Halls and Library’s. A computer has been set up near the front ASSIST counter at the St Kilda so people can view the interactive map and look at the information on the website.

The New Residential Zones Brochure has been posted to all owners of properties currently in a Residential 1 or 2 zone

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