TRANSPARENCY – making available information for all to look at Reply

· Governance Department maintains a register of documents Council must make available for public inspection,
· All the property leases are available on our Web Site

One of the focus areas of our Council plan is ENGAGED -A WELL GOVERNED CITY

We are proud of the city we represent.
Council will be a leader in Good Governance, and sound financial and asset management.
We will work together, act with integrity and be open and transparent. We will take our collective decision making seriously in the long-term interests of the community as a whole. We aspire to represent a community that actively participates and contributes to our city, and we are committed to inform, connect and engage with our diverse community. We want people to have a positive experience of council, its services and facilities. We encourage community feedback so we candrive continuous improvement, and we value a healthy and respectful relationship with our staff as committed professionals who care and want to make a difference for the community.”

This extract is taken from the Council plan


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