Our ANZAC’s and Heath Street, Port Melbourne Reply

IMG_1460It was a very moving experience to go on a walk yesterday with residents of Heath St, Port Melbourne and discover that at least 33 ANZAC’s that served in the war, lived on this street.

I discovered that this street is not unusual for the number of returned war veterans to have settled here in Port Melbourne. Many other streets were popular also, such as Albert Street and Clarke Street, Port Melbourne.

As a contingent of residents walked past each house where a soldier once lived, a short history of their war record and injuries was read out.  A handmade poppy was then placed at the house where they once lived.

Some houses had 2 returned soldiers and got 2 poppies.  I encourage you to take a trip down Heath Street, to see how many poppies are on the front doors, and fences. It has quite an impact.


Barb Mullen & Christine Griffiths are residents in Heath Street and wanted to bring some pride to their street. They successfully told the human stories of these men, many which had lifelong injuries and mental health problems that they endured for the rest of their life.

IMG_1462Sally & Eric live at 136 Heath St, pictured here placing a poppy on their house to honour and remember Daniel Clarke – enlisting when he was 38 years old in Jan 1915.


Ollie pictured above is a current resident and has recently served in Iraq. He showed us how his 5kg packs work and what gets stored in them.

IMG_1474The table of contents is from the book given out during the Heath Street walk, put together by Christine and Barb (residents) with the help of the Port Melbourne Historical Society.

I will post a link to this book soon here.

This impromptu walk is an example of our community having deep pride in our history and being thankful for the incredible sacrifices that have been made for us.

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