Council Elections – Gateway Ward 2

htv-2016  Here is my 2016 Council Election How to Vote card.

For more information please go to

The Port Melbourne Town Hall is the location for early voting. You can vote on Weekdays from 9am – 5pm each day.

Or on Saturday 22 October at any of the following locations:-

Voting Centre IconVOTING CENTRES on Saturday 22nd of October 2016

Fishermans Bend Community Centre
Opening Hours 8.00 am – 6.00 pm  Saturday 22 October
 Corner Dunstan Parade and Centre Avenue
(access via Centre Avenue)  Port Melbourne
 Wheelchair Access: AWA
Assisted Wheelchair Access (AWA)

Mac Robertson Girls High School
Opening Hours 8.00 am – 6.00 pm  Saturday  22 October
350-370 Kings Way (access via Albert Road)  Melbourne
Limited or No Wheelchair Access
The path from the carpark, or street, to the building entrance is inaccessible for wheelchair users.

Port Phillip Specialist School
Opening Hours 8.00 am – 6.00 pm  Saturday  22 October
Corner Nott and Pool Streets,  Port Melbourne
Limited or No Wheelchair Access
Accessible parking is not available. Ramp access to the building entrance may restrict wheelchair access.

Sol Green Community Centre
Opening Hours 8.00 am – 6.00 pm  Saturday  22 October
Corner Coventry & Montague Streets (access via Nelson Road)  South Melbourne
Assisted Wheelchair Access (AWA)
Access from the carpark or street to the building entrance may restrict independent wheelchair access. Building has lips and/or steps (50mm or less).

South Melbourne Town Hall
Opening Hours 8.00 am – 6.00 pm  Saturday  22 October
208-220 Bank Street,  South Melbourne


  1. Bernadene, I despair. I wish you’d stayed with CAPP. I found it difficult to find anything on the web about you, looking for a way to contribute, and guess I’d given up being flat out as always. Now I get this (and how many people did?) and months ago it asks for support but shows no way to contribute except with time — when that came was when I said put a placard out front as I can’t con tribute time — and there was no way to contribute money.

    Please, can you just give me your bank details?

    You seem to be going on your own with no support, and hiding your incredible abilitiw and background. But Bernadene, your How to Vote card — what???? Of all the candidates there is one in particular that from his electoral material I could clearly see without knowing him that he doesn’t really know or understand the community. Other people in discussing candidates have agreed with that feeling, and verify he’s not a community person — and those who do know him say he’s not a nice person, and a terrible neighbour. Yet you have him as your third choice!! I’m really dismayed.

  2. Oh, just fine. That suddenly flew off when I hadn’t finished or EDITED it as I was just venting my dismay and worry that you were not getting enough attention. Yet there on your promo card is a website! Why did I not get that site when I googled you? There is all the information that people need to know — I guess i’m just not web-savvy.

    I worry also that you’re the best candidate, and those others who are telling ignorant and uncaring residents who don’t know any better that they are going to fix this terrible Council as soon as they’re elected. Hopefully there are enough of us impressed with your ability and achievement to elect you anyway — as you have done a most impressive job that so many people comment upon.

    Anyway, I’m very sorry that rave flew off, and apologise for saying you were hiding your ability, as the website is really good. I hope others find it. And please just give me bank numbers because I’ve just tried to donate on the website and it won;t let me put in my expiry date so can’t!

    Thanks and BEST wishes, Pat

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