About Me 3

I am the Mayor and elected Councillor for the Sandridge Ward in the City of Port Phillip. Www.portphillip.vic.gov.au

I have lived in Port Melbourne for 17+ years. My husband, Warren and I have 3 children: Lachlan 11, Caitlin 10, and Eliza 8. We are all actively involved in community life and love living here.

My background as the founder of a successful innovative technology and marketing company, has stood me in good stead for life’s challenges. With offices in Melbourne, Sydney and Los Angeles, it has allowed me to spend quite a bit of time travelling, and managing a medium staff base. My business has won some great awards and one that I am most proud to have is my own, as runner up for the Telstra Business Women’s Award.

My career and background has ensured that I am a strong leader, competent, driven, community conscious, good listener, lateral thinker, and active participant with strong business acumen.

I sold my business to a Nasdaq listed company in 2005. Since then I have been involved in everything local from a volunteering perspective, through to project and contract work.

I was born in Sale in 1969 and I grew up on a farm, in a place called Winnindoo, which is located between Heyfield and Rosedale, in Gippsland. My life changed when I was eight years old.  My father died as a result of a farm accident. His name was Ernie Hug. He played for Collingwood and South Melbourne in the late 60’s and early 70’s. Football has always been a large part of my life. We then moved to Sale and I attended primary school there and did part of my secondary schooling in Sale, before going off to boarding school in Melbourne. Being the eldest of 7 children, it was quite exciting to be able to get such a great opportunity.

I completed an Arts Degree, at Monash Clayton, in 1991, majoring in English and Politics. During my life I have done many other courses and advanced education. It was during my Masters degree that I met my husband.

I ran the Port Melbourne Family and Children’s Hub for six years: www.childrenshub.com.au: I volunteer for various community groups and spend a good deal of my time on committees for school, childcare and kindergartens. I like to fundraise, so all of our children all get to have wonderful experiences.

Naturally, I am also involved in school life and enjoy the social opportunities that brings. My children attend Port Melbourne Primary school. I have had a major role in the TwoSchoolsNow Campaign, which advocates for more schools in our area.

I am an Independent, and I am not aligned with any political party.

Please feel free to approach me in the street. I want all people in the community to be able to give me their views and opinions to help me better represent the whole of the municipality on Council.
0411 746 888


  1. Great blog site. I grew up in Port 50s and 60s, went to Graham St Primary School, then JH Boyd Girls School.
    I lived next door to Ann Smallpage in Crichton Avenue, and used to walk to work with her, as she worked at Dunlops and I worked across the road at Malcolm Moores. I now live in Paynesville, and have been in East Gippsland for many years. I would love to share my memories of Port. Robyn Butson

  2. Memories – 50’s,60’s – The milkman (Mr Butcher) delivered our milk (in glass bottles) in horse and cart – really lovely.
    The old red train ran to Port, we always got on at Graham station and went into the city, my have things changed.
    I was living in Port when the West Gate bridge collapsed.
    My first job at 15yrs was as office junior at Malcolm Moores in Williamstown Road, just across the road from Dunlops.

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