Elections Local Government – coming up in October 2016 Reply

With all the talk of elections recently, I have been thinking of my own re-election campaign.

I will be re-nominating and contesting the local government elections for Port Phillip City Council.

I really need some help, if you are interested in volunteering your time or skills, then I would love to hear from you.

Vibrant Villages in Port Melbourne 1

As part of the Council plan, 2 key locations in Port Melbourne, were identified as needing some extra care and work to help activate. These were Waterfront Place, Beacon Cove & Centre Road shops Garden City. See below for more detail about it.

Update on progress:IMG_1140

Garden City
Centre Road Shops has had a makeover. A paint and a new sign over the small centre has lifted the look and feel of the place.
Telstra have included free Wi-Fi at the phone box.
The Fisherman’s Bend Community Hall is about to undergo a renovation, that will see a small increase in size, for improved kitchen and toilet facilities.IMG_1141
We are establishing a village community partnership group which will include Traders and the locals.
Feedback has suggested there needs to be a restful place to go to sit and relax, and also greening the area so it feels more welcoming to locals.

Waterfront Place
Commenced the Waterfront Welcomers program with SHIP. This popular volunteer program aims to ensure all visitors are welcomed to Port Melbourne.

The Heritage Hub on Finger pier has been renovated which the Port of Melbourne have so generously allowed for Councils use for the Welcomers to base.

Installed, bike pumps and extra bike hoops, & hosted ride to work day.
Installed Art of the fence a local competition to increase the plain space into something more vibrant
New way finding signage
New Heritage walks brochure to get passengers to stay and enjoy the area.
Pop Up shops trialled on Cruise ship days
Planning events such as heirloom vegetable market,
Free yoga on the beach.

If you have any ideas for each of these villages, I would love to hear them.

Port Phillip residents call on the Government to stay true to its vision Reply

Residents in the City of Port Phillip are calling on the State Government to ensure the soon-to-be-developed Fishermans Bend Urban Renewal Area is delivered in line with community expectations.
“It’s vital that the Government’s upcoming Strategic Framework Plan reflects our community’s desires that Fishermans Bend be a vibrant and liveable neighbourhood,” Mayor Amanda Stevens said.

Fishermans Bend is expected to be home to over 80,000 residents and 40,000 jobs in the next 40 years, with 90 per cent of the Fishermans Bend Urban Renewal Area falling within the municipality of the City of Port Phillip.
“The Draft Vision for the Fishermans Bend Urban Renewal Area, handed down in September last year, was strongly supported by the City of Port Phillip and its residents,” Mayor Stevens said.

“We call on the Government to maintain the principles of the Draft Vision in its upcoming Strategic Framework Plan,” Mayor Stevens said.

“This will be Melbourne’s largest urban renewal project and it’s crucial that we get the balance right now to ensure the right outcomes are achieved in the longer term for Fishermans Bend and the City of Port Phillip community.”

The City of Port Phillip has worked extensively with the State Government to ensure that Fishermans Bend is as diverse, creative and vibrant as the rest of the City.
The Council believes there are 10 key priorities which are critical to creating a successful new development at Fishermans Bend:

• Commitments to early roll-out of essential community and transport infrastructure such as parks, community facilities, the Collins Street tram extension (Docklands to Plummer Street) and dedicated cycling corridors
• Sensible height restrictions on developments
• Commercial developments to be delivered within walking distance of transport hubs
• Community infrastructure and open spaces to be funded by developer contributions
• The introduction of sustainable urban development goals
• Incentives for affordable housing
• A design review panel to assess applications against the Fishermans Bend Design Guidelines
• Heritage protection on key buildings and laneway character
• Incentives to retain and grow creative industries
• City of Port Phillip is the responsible authority for developments up to 25,000 square metres.

“We are excited to be a part of this important urban renewal project for Melbourne, but it has to be done right and in line with the expectations of our community,” Mayor Stevens said.

Fishermans Bend – drop in sessions – make a date to find out more Reply

Friday 25th October 8.30am – 10am and 3-5pm  Port Melbourne Primary School

Saturday 26th October, 9am – 12noon South Melbourne Market

Wednesday 30th October 10am – 1pm Bay Street Port Melbourne (outside Coles supermarket)

Thursday 31st October 12 noon  – 3pm outside Salford Lads Club, Port Melbourne (next to Bunnings on Bridge St)

Council is determined to ensure that the area is well planned and staged to include provsion for open spaces, community facilities and physical infrastructure.

We need to hear from you.

What is Placemaking? – in simple words Reply

What Placemaking Is–and what it isn’tIMG_2980

Placemaking IS:
•Function before form
•Focused on creating destinations
•Culturally aware
•Ever changing

Placemaking ISN’T:
•Imposed from above
•A blanket solution
•Monolithic development
•Overly accommodating of the car
•Dependent on regulatory controls
•A cost/benefit analysis
•A quick fix

directly quoted from http://www.pps.org/reference/what_is_placemaking

Scarecrow Festival – Fishermans Bend Reply

Today we went to the Scarecrow festival at Dig In Community gardens, Port Melbourne. If you don’t know where it is, think Murphy’s Reserve and next to the soccer pitch. Lots of people have plots here and they grow and tend their vegetable gardens.
There are chickens for eggs, mulching for fertiliser, and lots of great community spirit. Today the new stone pizza oven was being fired up for the first time, and the BBQ for the sausage sizzle.
Murphy’s Reserve and Dig In community garden are located in the Fisherman’s Bend area.digincollage