Dragon Park gets a baby dragon in Port Melbourne Reply

A Monterey Cypress tree planted in 1930 within Garden City Reserve has breathed new life as a dragon seat. Designer and carver James Cattel was commissioned to create something from the old loved tree that fell in 2012.


The seat was placed within the playground in memory of all the children that used to climb and play on the Monterey Cypress tree and welcomes all children in the future.


Garden City Reserve is very special to local residents with even the signage noting it is a ‘place like no other’. One of the unofficial custodians of the park is Lois Daley, pictured below helping me to cut the ribbon to unveil the new seat.  Her dedication to the park was acknowledged and is appreciated by all in the community.


James Cattel was the designer of the much loved existing Dragon with in Garden City reserve, so it fits very well within the theme of the park.



Bubup Womindjeka Taking Registrations – Port Melbourne new integrated Childrens Centre Reply

Families can now register for sessional kindergarten and long day care services at the new integrated centre Bubup Womindjeka Family and Children’s Centre in Port Melbourne

Bubup Womindjeka Family and Children’s Centre is opening soon at 85 Liardet Street, Port Melbourne.

The new community run integrated centre will provide a range of early childhood and family services such as long day care, sessional kindergarten, maternal and child health, as well as a consulting space for allied health professionals, space for new parent groups, playgroups and other community groups.

The City of Port Phillip has chosen a locally significant indigenous name for the facility, Bubup Womindjeka Family and Children’s Centre, to celebrate indigenous history and culture.

Bubup Womindjeka means ‘Welcome Children’, and identifies the new integrated centre as a place for children and families while honouring the history of its location, our nation’s first people and their connection to the significant site of the lagoon in Port Melbourne.

To register on the waiting list for long day care please ring the City of Port Phillip Children’s Services Waiting List on 03 9209 6360.

To register on the waiting list for sessional kindergarten please call 0467 188 513 or email info.lsfcc@gmail.com

Centenary Reserve and playground, Port Melbourne needs an upgrade. What should it look like? Reply

Do you know where this reserve is??  It is on Swallow Street Opposite the Skate Park, next to Graham Street Bridge underpassCentenary_Res_for_HYS

Centenary Reserve and playspace in Port Melbourne is due for an upgrade and we would like to hear from you. 

Tell us how you currently use the reserve, how you would like to use the reserve in the future and how it can be improved.

Have Your Say

Come along to a drop-in session and give us your feedback on the reserve.

Ward Councillor Bernadene Voss, designers and staff from the City of Port Phillip will be there to discuss your ideas.

  • Saturday 12 October, anytime between 10am-12pm
  • Wednesday 16 October, anytime between 4pm – 6pm 

You can also have your say by completing our short online survey.

Survey closes on Friday 15 November 2013.

Next steps

Your feedback and ideas will be used to develop a design concept which will be displayed onsite for further feedback and comments.

For more information please contact:

Christa Mitchell, Landscape Architect City of Port Phillip, ASSIST 9209 6777                            

Email: ospace@portphillip.vic.gov.au 

Mums & Dads – speak with your kids – ask them what Council can do to make it better for young people Reply


This is your chance to be heard….

City of Port Phillip is running a youth consultation. From September to November we want young people aged 8 to 25 who live, work, study, play sport or hang out in in the City of Port Phillip to tell us:

What is important to you?
What you like about the City of Port Phillip? and
What we need in the City of Port Phillip to make it better for young people?

Tell us what’s in your top 3 at www.yourtopthree.com.au

By completing this survey you will have a voice in the Port Phillip Council’s next youth strategy. This five year commitment will reflect and work to address the wants and needs of all young people.

You could win yourself a $200 gift voucher to Rebel Sports, Coles/Myer or JB Hi-Fi. You could also win a $500 gift voucher for your school, club or community group.

For more info or to view our privacy statement and prize draw terms & conditions go to www.yourtopthree.com.au


Playground Opens at Eastern Road, South Melbourne Reply

Rope mountain was the particular favourite today.

Hardly any space today as crowds of children came and played at the newly opened and renewed play ground. It was so much fun…
Such a large space and so many things to do, including BBQ’s – come and see for yourself.  Worth a special trip with the kids.

It’s opposite “The Block” on Park Street, South Melbourne.


New Morris Reserve – Something for everyone 1

Port Melbourne has an updated pocket park – next to the tennis courts. It has everything for such a tiny space.
* Exercise equipment
* tennis racquet shaped trampette
* giant tennis balls
* giant swing
* giant turtle
* paths – rubberised and natural materials
* lots of new plants for an interesting space.
* seats to sit and watch the kids or the tennis.

IMG_0491 IMG_0492 IMG_3577 IMG_3582

Lighting the way in Port Melbourne Reply

Under the Graham Street Bridge.  Changing colours depending on the season

Under the Graham Street Bridge. Changing colours depending on the season

Turville Reserve received feature lighting under Graham street bridge to improve sense of place and ensure community safety along key pedestrian routes.

The feature lighting compliments safety lighting along pathways and was programmed on 25 February to change with the seasons. The lights will be blue and aqua in winter, green/yellow in spring, green in summer and orange in autumn.

A Public Safety Infrastructure Grant application has recently been submitted with the State Government seeking up to 250K for public lighting on a dollar for dollar basis in order to continue lighting along the light rail shared path. The grant aims to improve access to public places and reduce crime and antisocial behaviour.

Plum Garland Beach Park opens this weekend Reply

plumgarlandPlum Garland Memorial Playground is open to the public from this weekend.

The upgrade of this much loved beach playground has undergone significant improvement, transforming the area into a great place for the community to play and socialise.  The playground now boasts exciting high quality play equipment, water-play elements and a variety of surface finishes ensuring safe passive and active play for children.  The responsive planting design and plant selection showcases a variety of robust, native species as seen along the current foreshore landscape.  The landscape reinforces the character of the foreshore whilst providing a sensitive response to its environment.

Nestled between a thoroughfare of pedestrian and cycle activity, the playground will be its own hive of activity that is safe and secure under a semi-sheltered environment. 

Wishing you all a safe and Merry Christmas and hoping you can visit this great space over the holiday period.