Dragon Park gets a baby dragon in Port Melbourne Reply

A Monterey Cypress tree planted in 1930 within Garden City Reserve has breathed new life as a dragon seat. Designer and carver James Cattel was commissioned to create something from the old loved tree that fell in 2012.


The seat was placed within the playground in memory of all the children that used to climb and play on the Monterey Cypress tree and welcomes all children in the future.


Garden City Reserve is very special to local residents with even the signage noting it is a ‘place like no other’. One of the unofficial custodians of the park is Lois Daley, pictured below helping me to cut the ribbon to unveil the new seat.  Her dedication to the park was acknowledged and is appreciated by all in the community.


James Cattel was the designer of the much loved existing Dragon with in Garden City reserve, so it fits very well within the theme of the park.



City of Voices – Double Decker Bus tour – 3 Town Halls Reply




94Tonight I had the opportunity to tour with the audience and visit three locations with the City of Voices group. Extraordinary performance. A bit of History back in time at the Port Melbourne Town Hall, A bit of Community at the South Melbourne Town Hall and a glimpse to the future markets at St Kilda Town Hall. I took these photos of the artists/actors that were being projected into the giant trees.

Farewell to the Monterey Cypress Reply

This week a beautiful big old 14m tree collapsed and action had to be taken to remove the tree from Garden City Reserve, in Port Melbourne.

It is believed to be an 82 year old Monterey Cypress.

There are 3 other Monterey Cypress of this size and age that remain in Port Melbourne, located in Garden City Reserve and The Boulevard, Port Melbourne

As a result of a specific request Council is now considering and investigating ways that the logwood can be savaged for seating/sculptures for the reserve and other sites across the municipality. Council officers will also be working with an artist to salvage this wood in the best way possible.

If you or someone that you know has memories of this tree, I would really like to hear about them.

Attached are some photos of the size of the tree and the logwood.