Seeking your support for re-election Reply

I am seeking your support for re-election to Council on October 22nd  2016.
My details are:

T 0411 746 888
Twitter: @bernadenevoss

The funds raised will be used to communicate to the residents in the new Gateway ward.  This comprises of St Kilda Road, South Melbourne, Fisherman’s Bend, Port Melbourne, Garden City, Beacon Cove.

I am passionate and committed to serving my community as best I can.  I have a strong, successful track record and am willing to continue to serve the public.

Elections Local Government – coming up in October 2016 Reply

With all the talk of elections recently, I have been thinking of my own re-election campaign.

I will be re-nominating and contesting the local government elections for Port Phillip City Council.

I really need some help, if you are interested in volunteering your time or skills, then I would love to hear from you.

Newly elected Councillor for Sandridge Reply

Warren & Bernadene Voss

Thankyou all for your vote on October 27th 2012.  I am absolutely thrilled and excited to be your new Councillor for the 4 year term.

I have many things which I want to achieve and I will need your help in order to get them done.

I have created this blog to keep you up to date with the things I am doing, seeing and hearing around Port Melbourne and the City of Port Phillip.

thankyou Bernadene Voss